Personal Training

Sport 'n English offers individual or paired personal training sessions in the north of Madrid.

Whatever your current level of fitness, new starter or advanced, overweight, young or old....whether you have a special condition such as arthritis, diabetes or a joint disorder, Sport 'n English can help you reach your goals.

Training sessions can be arranged at your your home, workplace or at a suitable outdoor location. There is also access to a small private gym.

When you sign up with Sport 'n English you will be provided with the following:

A comprehensive Lifestyle and Fitness consultation.

To help design the most effective plans and exercise programmes for you, the following information is gathered and taken into consideration- medical history and current lifestyle, risk factors, fitness goals, exercise history, preferred exercise activities, exercise equipment available, and your current health and fitness level.

More advanced fitness testing is available for various sports disciplines such as tennis, athletics, football, rugby and hockey.

Planning and Design of Effective Exercise and Lifestyle Programmes.

Based on your current health and fitness status and from information acquired, an effective plan and exercise programmes can be individually tailored.

Demonstration, Instruction and Personal Training.

You will be taken through your exercise routine and instructed in correct technique. Sport 'n English will help you every step of the way to achieve your goals, giving ongoing professional advice and encouragement to ensure you adhere to your programme.


Sport 'n English offers cutting edge training techniques. For fast results why not look at our section on  VIBRATION TRAINING  using the most effective vibration apparatus available, the VibroGym Evolution.


What clients say:


"I have known Peter Roberts for the last four years, after being introduced to him by our family doctor in Portugal. During this time he was the personal trainer and tennis coach to me and my two boys, training me up to 6 times per week. Within this period, every aspect of my fitness greatly improved. I lost a considerable amount of weight seeing great improvement in my muscular condition. Throughout our working relationship, Peter has demonstrated the utmost professionalism. He is both very experienced and well qualified, with an excellent knowledge in a broad spectrum of sport and fitness related activities."

Douglas Irvine, Irvine Group Managing Director, 2003 UK Entrepreneur of the Year -Consumer Products-


“As an ex-heart patient, I was extremely nervous about exercise. Peter brought me back to fitness and restored my self confidence”

Joan Graham, GP referral