Speedball Training

Speedball training, the best kept secret

Speedball training benefits:
  • Crossbody coordination: transfers very closely to the running action contributes to a faster, smoother, more rhythmic and economical movement
  • Improves hand eye coordination, timing and balance: very important for most sports.
  • Aerobic and Muscular endurance: increases ability of muscles to sustain a high intensity of muscular activity and challenges the cardiovascular system.
  • Power: significant improvement in combination with speedball exercise circuits
  • Benefits many sports: athletics, rugby, football, tennis, hockey and many more
  • For everyone: men , women children and elderley.
  • Strengthens muscles of shoulder girdle, core and legs.
  • Increases arm speed: vital for improvements in running speed as arms set the tempo for speed, pilot the legs for range of movement.
  • Weight Loss: Contributes to weight loss: high calorie expenditure and increases metabolic rate.
  • Speed endurance: improves relaxation at high running speeds leading to better speed maintenance in longer sprints
  • Inexpensive: incredible piece of equipment for relatively low outlay
  • Small space:Requires small amount of space
  • One of the best kept secrets: proven method that has benefited many leading athletes
  • Training and complimentary exercise programmes provided for a variety of sports by experienced trainer
  • Fun and unique: derive great satisfaction as you master the skill
  • Safe way of training: suitable for all levels of ability. Equipment is soft, light ideal for men, women, young and old.


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